How to get noticed as an artist today With over 40k songs a day uploaded onto Spotify by artists, how in the world is someone going to find you or notice you?

Being a musician in this day and age comes with many challenges, one of which is knowing how to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly saturated marketplace. Technology has undoubtedly helped, but it has also hindered artists. With streaming services such as Spotify adding 40,000 new songs a day, it can feel like an uphill struggle to get found and noticed. Here, we give you some top tips for breaking through the noise and getting your music in front of the right people.

The first thing to consider is your “brand” or image. How you come across to your audience and to would-be backers is almost as important as the music you make. Having a strong image means more people are going to notice and remember you. Make sure you have professional photos and consistent branding across all your social media platforms as well. Then register as an artist and submit your press shots and bio to streaming services such as Spotify.

Using the same materials, contact all relevant music blogs and ask to be featured. If you can, write yourself a press release and add that to the package. Otherwise, hire someone to do that for you. Good PR is worth its weight in gold. If you’re signed to a label, they should have a publicity department to do that for you. But it’s more than possible to represent yourself in the beginning by using a service such as SubmitHub and researching blogs to contact. Use your social media presence to garner attention, and resources such as Linkfire to share your work. Start a YouTube channel and follow other artists and music channels you like.

Next, take advantage of curated playlists on streaming platforms. Create your own, and ask to be featured in various playlists at the same time to maximize exposure. Here is a list of 10 Spotify playlist curators you can submit to for free. Or use this form on the Submission page of Sidekick to submit your song or EP to their list. Ditto record labels, who also have playlists you can ask to be considered for.

Build an email list. Your social media pages should be your “storefront”, but your list is where you can really get to know your audience and build rapport behind the scenes. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a great writer, sending your list special discounts, links, news, and stories will pay dividends in the long run. Fans love knowing what their favorite artists are up to, and the more you make them feel special, the more loyal they’ll be.

Finally, you could also make use of a membership service such as Patreon, where fans can help fund their favorite artists by paying them a small monthly fee, or Kickstarter for raising capital to record a new album, for example. All these methods will help put you in front of a lot more people, build your brand and get you noticed.

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