You have the music.

Now, you need the team.

Ten East Ten West is a collective of music brand strategists who are ready to boost your exposure and increase your revenue streams.

We offer a comprehensive catalog of services that encompass everything an emerging or established artist needs to break out and break in.

We understand that you are more than a musician. You are a brand. What story does your brand tell? We can help you hone your vision. At Ten East Ten West, we have an extensive background in not only music but high-profile film and television production. This allows us to see the entire picture of your brand from the first note you play to the merch you sell.

Artist Management

Our independent artist management services specialize in everything a burgeoning artist needs to turn your passion into your business. From music artist public relations to scheduling, album release strategy, label searching, team building, fan engagement, merchandise management, pricing strategy, digital sales, and distribution, we have the vision and brand strategies to help you level up.

Are you looking for artist management?

Artist Consulting

You may not need full-time talent management. As a music artist consultant, Ten East Ten West is here to give you our expertise exactly where you need it. Whether you need help with your music artist branding or could use a hand getting your album over the finish line, we are here to make it happen.

Our one-on-one consulting for independent artists is like having management only when you truly need it. We never take a percentage of your earnings, but instead, collect an hourly rate to help you meet your goals at an accelerated rate.

Is Consulting Right For You?

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to gauge if consulting is the key to unlocking your ambitions.

  • Are you a beginner who needs help navigating the landscape of the music industry?
  • Do you want the kind of advice and strategic guidance a manager can provide, but you can’t seem to find a competent one to take you on?
  • Do you need a solid marketing plan for your upcoming music releases?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, consulting may be your fast pass to what you need.

Reach out to us about artist consulting today!

Our only goal at Ten East Ten West is to help you become more profitable as a musician.

Let’s increase both your music streams and your revenue streams.


“Lisa has always been one of my greatest supporters. It is Lisa’s dedication and passion for artists like me that has allowed me to create some of the most important relationships of my career. I am so grateful to Lisa and all that she has done for me."
- Sydney Sherrill